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Friday, April 18, 2008

Additional bikes that have come and gone:

I got a tandem over the fall and have enjoyed riding with the wife. We LOVE tandemming! We've done less than 100 miles but we've enjoyed the experience. It takes a bit of getting used to. The benefit is because we are riders of very different abilities we can spend time together and work as hard as we want. I can power it out and she can just do some moderate exercise.

1)1960 Raleigh Sports - has fully encased chainguard, single speed, full fenders and Wood style valves for tires, B72 Brooks saddle ( I bought the bike for the saddle)
2) '80 Motobecane tandem - 15 speed, Phil Wood disk brake, nice saddles, Phil Wood BBs and hubs
3) '06 Dahon 7 speed folder - we're downsizing our lives and this may fit the bill.