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Saturday, June 02, 2018

Doing my favorite ride

There is a significant hill that I use as my every other day ride for exercise here in Thailand. There are three parts to the climbing other than the gradual ups and downs. On the way back the climbing is all in one short very steep grade. One of the outstanding aspects of the ride is the amount of shade. I would never find that much shade on most of my rides in the US. Especially near the equator I crave shade. I usually do my rides near sunup and sundown so I maximize the shadows. The route is not a major road altho every through street is well traveled because traffic tends to be very heavy on the island. The views are also nice on the ride. I enjoy the speed I reach by just ducking down to avoid the wind. I probably reach 40 or 50 mph. I pass a lot of cars just by ducking down.

Below is a view from near the top of the hill north toward one of the beaches.

Below is the first climb heading out on the ride. Part of the ride is bounded by a 10 or 12 foot wall around a golf course. I can't imagine why a golf course needs that much security but someone believes it does. Remember we drive on the left. This is fairly early in the morning.