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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


After 50 years of riding and finally dialing in a lot of what's important to me in bicycle setup I've come to the point where I can appreciate a good tire. Previously I had only been concerned with a thick enough tread so that I will not be susceptible to punctures. This is a very important part of cycling. A worn out tire is not just a tire without tread.

This post has more to do with quality of ride. My bike listserv talks frequently of planing which has more to do with the geometry of the frame. The quality of the tire has to do with handling and performance in another way. I haven't ridden tubular tires enough to know their quality, but apparently that is the ultimate ride. I have started buying Schwalbe brand tires and really appreciate the handling and durability of that product. I have a set of Big Apples on my Troll and another model on my Long Haul Trucker.


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