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Monday, October 01, 2018

Cager awareness

In 57 years of riding I've never had a horrific accident. It would be hard to get back on for me. It seems no amount of precautions will protect you. You just have to do what you can and enjoy the ride. Where are you located? Some areas and some routes are less safe. Maybe you need to change your route. Most of my riding has been in the DC area which has crazy traffic but a vocal and responsive cycling community. The community helps insure that there is a minimum awareness. That's one of the legacies we can leave behind. Awareness is a big factor in safety. So many cagers respond that they "didn't see" the cyclist. Most likely they weren't looking or aware. We can always blame the cell phones now, but it's always been the case. Someone will be fiddling with the radio, putting on makeup, reaching for a cigarette. It's not the gadget it's the lack of respect for the ton of vehicle that they're commanding


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