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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

safety on the road

Before I forget I want to share a very cool concept:


My Facebook biking over 60 group had a conversation about air horns. Here is my comment:

Horns are light, fairly cheap and fun. About 45 years ago I had a freon horn like the ones used at sports events. I don't believe it helped in traffic safety but it was a blast to get peoples attention. In a crisis situation I would be able to find the button and jam on the brakes, so it just didn't seem practical. 5 or so years ago I got a horn you can pump up - someone mentioned the airzounds. Same principle, same problem. It doesn't hurt to have.

I moved to Thailand 1 1/2 years ago. I was hit by a motorbike on the third day here. I didn't go down but the occurence freaked me out. I can't imagine the trauma you must have experienced. There are certain strategies and techniques that enhance safety. Otherwise you're largely at the mercy of psychopaths raging in one ton death machines.

Strategies for safety include the visibility techniques, driving practice (defensive driving), road choices, a helmet, eyewear and a well maintained bike. If only we were hooked into everyones GPS so when the car approaches a cyclist they get a warning. Someday it would be nice. Still wouldn't guarantee the outcome, but it could help


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