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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Motivation Nation

The transition from Thailand to the US has been very difficult. For once in my life it's about motivation rather than inclination. Motivation has been a challenge. There's so much struggle going on from various parts of life that I'm spending my effort treading water. The culture change was intense but that's just the beginning. We returned in order to take care of my parents who are in their 90s. I got a 3 month contract that paid decent money, but the follow up jobs are not happening. Then the coronavirus. Ha ha ha. So I've finally got some motivation and a decent route here in Northern Virginia. I am also re-evaluating my willingness to take on physical challenges. Some of these climbs are really steep. A steep climb in combination with a route that is just not pretty is a drag. I'm used to dealing with heavy traffic. I've dealt with angry motorists. I'm less tolerant of that as well. I used to get pissed and that helped me cope with a motorist cutting me off or honking loudly. Now I don't feel like dealing with the confrontation anymore. I want to ride without the bother. The trails are still annoying and too often crowded. I had a great route in Thailand - the combination of shade, a decent shoulder, somewhat respectable traffic, a scenic route and a challenge was perfect. I only had one such route but in my time of riding it was a masterpiece. Now I've got a couple of options. Roads here are tight with no shoulders. I've even been willing to ride on sidewalks, god forbid. Trails are really nice with underpasses and bridges at intersections. I can't race like I'd prefer but it's so nice to avoid traffic. First world is nice for cycling.



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