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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Cyclist on the street in Phuket, Thailand

on the commute in this morning i noticed a woman riding a bicycle. less than 1% of thais I see ride a bicycle at all, mostly children. She's a timeless woman in her own world. She seems to be out of touch with the world like a survivor of a holocaust. She's got a chinese bamboo sun hat on. Traffic is heavy around her. Big trucks, cars, buses and motorbikes are swirling around. Two things I notice about the bicycle: 1) it has a new kickstand 2) on the back rack there is a fan housing with stuff inside. Nice reuse of materials! The new kickstand is what got my attention. It was brand new chrome eye catching side stand at the rear axle. It reminded me of things I bought for my bicycle at a young age. I remember saving up money to buy a handlebar mirror. I wanted an odometer that attached to the front axle. Then at some point weight became the issue and I was removing everything: kickstand, mirrors, fenders... replacing everything else with lighter weight stuff. This woman may have been caught up in the same concept - it was shiny and new, but I doubt it. For me it was a trip down memory lane in a world still new for me


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