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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

I think what I discovered in dealing with my Facebook bicycling group is that my bicycle group is very conservative. It is an international group of cyclists over 60. Someone had complained about the US flag being in the cover photo. The comments supporting the flag included that "it's not political", that they "love their country". I said of course it's political. There are people in our group that may hate our American flag. I said every flag is political. I posted the ISIS flag. I talked about free speech to post everything we are thinking about. That was it. In one of the trainings we had on racism the trainers said one of the signs of gentrification was bike shops. I was kind of shocked. I'm a bicyclist, but not the casual yuppie kind of cyclist. I go places. I do errands. I get exercise. I don't spend a lot of time cleaning it. I don't go out and buy the latest trendy thing. In light of my experience with this bike group I'm considering that the anti racism trainers were right. Bicyclists tend to be elitist.

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