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Monday, June 24, 2019

Growing old gracefully

I went for a nice bike ride. It was 81° when I started and 85˚ when I got back. I'm recovering from a couple very minor injuries that kept me from riding much for 5-6 months. Age is a factor in both the capacity to function after the injury and my body's ability to recover strength and stamina. It took some mental work to allow for this recovery time. As a younger person I would bounce back, without a thot, to full capacity. Now I have to really mentally and physically wrangle with what I can handle. Here in the tropics heat is a huge factor although temps are moderated by the ocean air within 3 miles. It varies between 75-85 all year. The heat wouldn't be as big a factor if it wasn't for the searing sun. I grew up where humidity was high and heat occasionally went to 100 in the summer without the humidity index. Here near the equator we experience that sun more as it's almost directly overhead. I am nearly recovered to my full capacity now. I ride up a steep mountain so that tests my strength. I ride for exercise and enjoyment. After the mountain portion of my ride I circle the reservoir which has lots of shade, it's level and the scenery is gorgeous.


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