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Monday, June 24, 2019


The on going debate about cyclists inconveniencing motorists, not wearing helmets, jumping red lights etc etc.....yawn.....zzzzzz. The fact is that motorists drive under licence (generally) and are therefore subject to all the road relative statutes. They drive by privilege granted by the authorities.

Cyclists however in a common law jurisdiction like UK ride on the queens highway by inalienable right under common law and are therefore not actually subject to the statutes. They are not obliged to wear helmets and not actually obliged to stop at traffic lights for the sake of it. All common law required is that we don’t cause harm to anyone.

The definition of free is that we don’t answer to anyone but the one that created us, and we answer only to his law, Gods law. There is therefore no one with sufficient standing on this earth to issue you with a licence (permission).

When we drive we generally accept (usually without realising it) driving under licence using the identification created by the government (the legal person) and therefore become the property of the state, who can then impose all manner of unreasonable impositions on us. And they do. While your cycling your a free man. The moment you get behind the wheel your not, so belt up, don’t pick your phone up, and stop at that red light at 2 o’clock in the morning when there’s only you and mr fox out playing. I on the other hand on my bike will use my senses to determine whether I wait for green or not.

I’m of to put my helmet on before I’m killed by some irate motorists.

Reg Dee from my Cycling over 60 group


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