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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A novice on the roads in Kathu?

If I had not been a skilled cycling enthusiast prior to Thailand would I enjoy riding here? After each ride I am drenched in sweat. I carry two sweat rags, one in each hand. Both are soaked when I return home. Another method I use is to dip in the pool before my ride. The heat is oppressive. The humidity is high. The sun is brutal. Then there's the traffic with its noise, the lack of route options. This is extreme cycling. A novice cyclist would not do the route that I enjoy. I enjoy it because I have good shade probably half the route. There is an excellent section of flat wide pavement and a decent section of perfect country road with shoulders. To connect to the various perfect sections of road you have to run the gauntlet. I hate the noise of traffic. I hate cars whizzing by too close. I was warned early in my riding here by a motorbike who actually hit me. They pass too close.

A novice would have to contend with the noise. A novice would have to deal with the crowded streets and be prepared to get up before dawn and possibly ride in the dark to avoid the challenges of the climate here. A short ride would be enjoyable. If you have a car and transported the bike you could have some alternatives. There are ways to manage cycling here to make it enjoyable. There are some serious local road bike riders who take on the challenge.

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