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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Still looking for the ultimate commuter bicycle and I'm trying out a Novara Fusion. It has 700C tires, fenders, 8 speed Nexus hub gearing with front and rear internal brakes. It also has a front dynamo hub that powers twin front lights. It has a lot of features standard that I have been looking for. I think this brings to 62 the total number of bikes I've had in my life. This brings me to my topic. Commuting bikes should be ready to roll just like a commuting car. Get on and go without remembering all the things like you would in a motor vehicle. I don't want to have to think - is the battery charged up for the lights? The bike is sold complete except for tire repair kit, pump, panniers, raingear and helmet! I got it at over 20% off the original price. There have been some less than stellar reviews about the Nexus hub. We'll see. I like the idea of the gears being protected and the brakes being impervious to weather.

The bike is heavy at about 34lbs according to the website. I haven't weighed it and don't really intend to. That is, on the other hand, complete with all the stuff I would put on it anyway. I like REI's return policy as well. I had a pair of shoes that I wore a few days and realized that they were a bit too small. They accepted the return no questions asked.

I like the green aspect of the dynamo hub power. I don't pollute the world with batteries which are very toxic. So many times we just use batteries and don't realize there is an alternative. This is a very clear and good alternative.

I bought one for my wife and one for me. Ii intend to replace some bikes I either haven't used so much or that this will replace.