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Thursday, December 28, 2006

After my wreck it's hard to get motivated again. It's not that I'm explicitly afraid, it's just that my innocence or joie de vivre is squashed. Bicycling has always been so important to me. It helps me to ground myself. The exercise keeps me alert. It helps me blow off steam. Oh, and it's fun! I've had wrecks before, but over time the innocence returns. I think I'm invulnerable. I think I don't need to wear the helmet. I think "why are people so afraid?". I want to get out in the wind again. I don't mind the cold.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Over the years I've bought 46 bikes. Some were Schwinns in the 70's and 80's. Some were French, Italian, English, Japanese, Canadian.

1) J.C. Higgins 20"
2) 16" american bike
3) schwinn sting ray
4) Jet Wind (Japanese)
5) Schwinn Orange Krate
6) Schwinn Continental X2
7) Schwinn Varsity
8) Phillips 3-speed
9) Fuji S-12-S
10) Fuji Newest
11) Kabuki - 1 week and was mugged
12) Motobecane
13) Peugeot U08 - Mafac brakes
14) Gitane
15-6) 2 American 10-speed bikes stolen quickly with toe clips
17) Schwinn Super Le Tour 2
18) Schwinn Suburban
19) Schwinn Mountain bike
20) Miele Mountain bike
21) Centurion Accordo
22) Austro-Daimler Vent Noir (campy)
23) Paramount - post-Schwinn
24-5) Trek 1000 x2 2005
26) Raleigh International 2002 Campy Centaur
27) Silk Gloire
28) Schwinn Deluxe Collegiate
29) Schwinn 24" Mountain bike

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I was riding home minding my business when out of the dark came a car. I'm riding next to the curb and the car crosses my path to make a right. I skidded, veered, and tumbled onto the pavement. I ride 2500 miles per year lately. I've ridden for 45 years and a lady who wasn't even born when I started riding knocks me off my bike.

I had just bought this really cool antique(?) bike. It was probably made in the mid-70's. It's a 12-speed with Sugino, Dia-compe, Pletscher, Sakae, Minoura, Suntour components. It had a 3 watt 6 volt generator that mounts where we used to put our kickstand. The generator gets it's traction on the road part of the tire rather than the sidewall.

I was all set for night commuting:

1) reflective vest
2) two large rear reflectors
3) Front and Rear lights

Now my beautiful bike is damaged.