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Friday, May 11, 2007

I took a night ride a couple of months ago when I lived near a Germantown, MD woods. There was 7 or 8" of snow on the ground with a layer of ice on top. I took the mountain bike to try to stay on top of the ice. I was able to ride thru heavily wooded areas over logs and rocks and holes in the night without sinking into the snow or tripping on objects. It was very cool to ride along on the sheet of rough ice. If it had been smoother ice I may have slid.

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I just posted a comment to CDudeSofts blog on this same forum. He was upset because so many cyclists break the rules of the road which makes it hard for the laws to change. Here is my response:

I'm a light-runner. I go against traffic. I ride on the sidewalks when convenient. I don't share the lane (that's insane in my book). I do signal when I have a free hand which is most of the time. I am well lighted and reflected at night. I wear the skid-lid. The way I see it the sooner I get from here to there the less time there is for cars to hit me from their lack of attention. I'm not looking for the laws to change. I've never been protected when a bike is stolen. I've been mugged while riding, they took the bike. I'm on the wrong side of the law and I'll stay there.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I never thought I'd have so much to say about handlebar tape till I went on-line to buy some. Over the years before the point came to buy handlebar tape I usually ended up getting another bike that had good handlebar tape. So now I'm replacing some that has disintegrated. Here is a transcript of my chat on-line with tech support:

John tech: Hello...
Steve Mohr: hey john
Steve Mohr: did you get my question?
Steve Mohr: apparently some handlebar tape is glued on, some is just wrapped
Steve Mohr: are you with me?
John tech: Yes, some use adhesives...
Steve Mohr: over the years I haven't installed tape very often. I'm usually on to the next bike Steve Mohr: The sticky backed tape I had on one recent bike has been terrible
Steve Mohr: or maybe it was beyond it's serviceable life
Steve Mohr: I've put 5500 miles on that handlebar tape
Steve Mohr: how does the non-sticky tape stay on?
John tech: Slightly warm it w/ a hair drier. It will help w/ removal. The adhesive should come off with the tape when it is warmed up...
Steve Mohr: what's the best way to go?
Steve Mohr: that is very helpful. do you have a recommendation on what tape is best?
John tech: The non-adhesive tape is just pulled tight while wrapping. Then the end cap holds it in place.
Steve Mohr: Does non-adhesive last as long?
Steve Mohr: I'm a commuter and durability is very important
John tech: I prefer cork tape. I am currently using Cinelli; most tapes are very similar.
John tech: Non-adhesive lasts just as long...
Steve Mohr: is that cork tape adhesive backed?
Steve Mohr: what's the advantage of non-adhesive? it seems like that would be easier
Steve Mohr: i've had non-adhesive tape get cut and then the whole thing unravels
John tech: It is not adhesive backed...
John tech: Non-adhesive is easier to wrap and unwrap.
Steve Mohr: ah! John tech: If you change bars, for example, you'll be able to reuse your tape. Steve Mohr: is it standard for cork to be non-adhesive?
Steve Mohr: okay, that helps
John tech: No, I think it is common both ways.
Steve Mohr: is the nashbar cork tape adhesive - NS-DCT
John tech: Yes, it is adhesive backed.
Steve Mohr: and that same tape each order includes one side of the drop down bar?
John tech: One package includes both sides of the bars.
Steve Mohr: how is cork for sweat soaking?
Steve Mohr: the cloth tape i've used seemed to absorb sweat
John tech: Not very good. You have never used cork?
Steve Mohr: I think I did maybe 20-25 years ago
Steve Mohr: I remember it was good for absorbing shock
Steve Mohr: it felt great
Steve Mohr: what is your experience? why do you like cork?
John tech: I like the feel of it.

I want durable tape that has a nice feel that isn't expensive. I don't want plastic tape because the sweat stays on your hands.