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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Can't have it all

So for the first time in 50 years of riding I haven't. For about a month I've ridden two or three times. The rest of my life I've ridden most every day or at least every week. I ride in winter, summer, rain, snow. I almost always take my bicycle on vacation. I build bikes, I repair, I commute, I live and breathe bikes. What happened?

I think I was a little depressed. I just didn't feel a desire to pedal. I didn't take leisurely rides. I didn't go to the store by bike. I didn't ride to church thru the park. I didn't hang out in my workshop or stare at the computer dreaming of the next component I wanted to try. I didn't plan an exciting bike vacation. I didn't exercise period.

Today I rode again. I didn't want to get up early. I rode my bike 11 miles to work in downtown DC. When I got here I didn't even take a shower. It was the perfect day for cycling. I rode the Surly LHT with the fairly new Carradice Camper longflap. Everything went very smoothly. Now as I consider the ride home I've got a headache.