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Friday, April 15, 2016

Fat tire city

My latest vehicle is a fat-tired bike. This one has 4" tires which require special wheels. It is run to ride, but the tires are expensive. I have enjoyed using it in special situations like up to 4 or 5" of slushy snow or ice and on the beach at the ocean. I have a 27 speed mountain bike version. The brand I found on Craigslist is a Surley Pugsley. It's a great build quality and I paid about half the Retail price. I was amazed and pleased that I could ride the bike over the dunes at the ocean and along the beach. I have always wanted to do this. This bike also has disk brakes. Since the hub itself is very wide it's very interesting to look at the frame and the rims. The nipples enter the rim not in the center of the rim but offset on one side. The frame itself is offset. Look at one yourself if you get a chance. I would not ride this bike in general situations, but it is fantastic in rough terrain. It soaks up roots and rocks and cracks. I've never used a bike with shock absorbers but this probably feels at least as good