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Monday, February 19, 2018

Riding and living in Thailand

Thailand is my latest passion. I've come here for a change. It's been an adventure. It's been 9 months at this point. On day 3 I was hit by a motorbike which was passing too close. It seems like it was just a young kid who was playing. It was such a gentle collision that I didn't even go down. It didn't even piss me off. My adrenaline didn't rage. I think he bumped my arm. After the bump we rode along for 50 feet side by side. It was a bizarre encounter. Anyway, besides that incident on a tiny little deadend road leading to a waterfall it's all been nice for riding here in Thailand.

There's been some nasty traffic, but no more bumps with others. I've ridden motorbikes, cars, buses, trucks and bicycles - all good. Motorbikes are expected in traffic here. They swarm at intersections. They sift forward at traffic signals to form a block that is, again, part of the plan. In fact there is a painted area in the front of most traffic signals set aside for motorbikes.