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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Exposure and Experience

A Facebook friend is moving to Asia to try out a new career in teaching and get away from the rat race. We met on FB. We both worked in IT. We were making good money but we were both miserable. I am closer to retirement by 10 years. We both were successful in our IT work. I had done a lot of research into making this change. I used Numbeo.com data for some cost of living info and the Nomad List for other various information. I researched visa availability. I realized that many countries would not hire me because of my age. I compiled a spreadsheet of various destinations and my priorities. The straight "where should I live and retire" list showed Asia as a top candidate with South America a top ranking one as well. Individual countries had their pluses and minuses, but my priority was to be near Europe if there was a reasonable opportunity.

I really wanted to be near Europe to have the opportunity to advance Karen's singing career. Time zone wise that would mean Europe, Africa or the middle east. Middle east would be a big struggle for Karen as a woman. Northern Africa would be the same problem. Europe is fairly expensive compared to the rest of the non-American US world. Sub Saharan Africa seemed to be fairly expensive both for living and for traveling to Europe.

Other than the data and stories I had read I just had to make a leap. I was offered two jobs in Thailand and went with that. It's been a blast. The time spent has been rewarding. I've learned about myself and improved my relationship with my wife.

Of the two positions I was offered one was in the north and the other in the south. Phuket in the south is a tourist destination for Russia and China among others in the world. The other position was located in a remote area 50 miles from Chiang Mai. While Chiang Mai is an amazing place to visit 50 miles is a long way here. When you're in a remote area all first world amenities are put in question - internet, western food, people who speak English, nightlife. So Phuket was an easy choice.